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Doug Newman

22 Ridge Road     Columbus, MS  39705

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Qty Description Price (each) Amount
  OldsGmail.com Refrigerator Magnets 75˘  
  OldsGmail.com Medium-Point Black-Ink Pens 55˘  
  Black OldsGmail.com T-Shirt with Pocket* $12.00*  
  Black OldsGmail.com T-Shirt without Pocket* $11.00*  
  White OldsGmail.com T-Shirt** $10.00**  
  OldsGmail.com Static Cling Decal $1.00  
Shipping and Handling  
US Funds Only Total Due  

*When ordering Black T-Shirts add $2.00 per shirt for XXL and XXXL
**When ordering White T-Shirts add $2.00 per shirt for XXL

Shipping is $1.00 per order on pens and magnets
T-Shirt shipping is $2.00 for entire order (one or more shirts)
Shipping is free if only ordering window decals

Make all checks payable to: Doug Newman

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