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For members of the Olds G-Body e-mail list at OldsGmail.com

Suitable for framing, these OldsGmail.com membership certificates will look good hanging on your home or office wall, or serve as an added item of interest in your car's trunk at shows.  Ownership of one of these certificates is not required to be a member of our e-mail list; they’re strictly available for a small donation as a memento of your being a member of our community.

Your name will be printed in the Old English-style lettering and will appear in the place of the “Olds G-Body Lover” text shown in the sample image above.        

The certificates are $1.50 each for the first one ordered, and additional certificates are $1.00 each as long as they’re placed in the same order.  Shipping and handling is 75˘ for each order.  Contact Mike Rothe at for more information.    

You can also print out the convenient order form to send along with your payment.

Send check or money order to:

Mike Rothe
127 Good Hope Farms Rd.
Aiken, SC 29803

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