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Reproduction Weatherproof ECM Decals

Here’s what an original paper underhood ECM Decal looks like on an ’85 442 after 20+ years…

Here’s a nice, new paper ECM decal - but it’s a sure bet it won’t last very long once it’s applied.

OldsGmail.com now offers weatherproof ink-on-polyester media to ensure your new decals won't wither up and die like the original paper decals.  Nearly any Olds G-body coded decals available from 1982 up through 1985 (’86 - ‘88 coming soon).  All decal orders come in a set of two; one for ECM and one for underhood application.  (Actual decals are much nicer than the photos below depict.)  Don't lose points at the next car show with cruddy or missing ECM decals.  These may or may not match your particular decals exactly; so if you wish, you can snail-mail or e-mail a decent photo clearly showing information on yours to ensure a closer match.

Pay attention and save money.  Do one of two things: Send completed form and $7.00 check or money order per set of two (sorry, no credit cards or PayPal).


Send the completed form, $6.00 check/money order PLUS a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE).

*When ordering - state year, engine type and size, and original ECM code, if known.
*Print out the convenient order form to send along with your payment.

Send check or money order and completed order form to:

Mike Rothe
127 Good Hope Farms Rd.
Aiken, SC 29803

For more information and/or better photos, contact Mike Rothe at

COMING SOON!  Fan shroud replacement emission decals and brake master cylinder decals.  Underhood decal package is in the works.

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