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Unofficial Oldsmobile Centenial Video


Available on DVD and VHS! A great gift for the Olds person who THINKS they have everything!

Bad Dawg Productions, Ltd. presents the Unofficial Oldsmobile Centennial Celebration Video!

All video was shot August 20-23, 1997 in Lansing Michigan by members of the Oldsmobile e-mail list and edited by me. I have over seventeen years of experience working in television, and have produced a fair share of weddings, high school graduation & presentation videos, and fraternity rush videos. Video runs 1:01:55, and all shots are edited to music. (Sixteen songs, with video painstakingly edited to fit the lyrics in the first fifteen car-related selections.)

See the parade, the caravan, numerous display lots, the Oldsmobile museum, plus the '70's on the bridge! This video covers the curved dash runabouts all the way up to the 1998 models and concept cars. Video was digitally mastered and looks like first generation quality.

A few of the many nice comments from the Olds e-mail list include: "...a very professional job, great looking captions and credits, and fine picture and sound quality." Another list member writes: "...No true Olds fan should be without it. This video is well worth the price." Another OCA member writes: "...The music selections kept my foot tappin' through the whole thing. I was fortunate enough to attend the Centennial Celebration in Lansing. This video allows me to re-live that experience...It focuses on the important part of the celebration - THE CARS!"

For quick, easy payment, you may use the Send Money option at PayPal. My address is . Iíll receive instant verification of payment, and your order will be shipped right away. If I need to correspond with you, Iíll use the e-mail address you used to send me the message from PayPal.

If you donít want to use PayPal, you may instead send a check or money order for $25.00 U.S. for a DVD (recorded in DVD-R format) or $20.00 U.S. for a VHS tape to the address below. All orders are shipped within the next business day with a delivery confirmation, so within a few days of your order being received, you'll have the video that Olds mail list members raved about. If you didn't make it to Lansing, this will make you feel like you were there! A must-have for any Oldsmobile enthusiast.

Send your check or money order for $25.00 U.S. for a DVD or $20.00 U.S. for a VHS to:
Doug Newman
22 Ridge Road
Columbus, MS 39705

Please include your e-mail address with your order so that I can contact you with your delivery confirmation number when your video is shipped.

For additional information, please Email me at


If for whatever reason you donít like dealing with PayPal and you also want to avoid the hassle of mailing a payment, your credit card can be used in a roundabout fashion. Here's what you do:

Go to the Gift Certificate link at Booksamillion.com:

Figure up the amount of the order you'd like to make for OldsGmail.com pens, magnets, T-shirts, and/or static-cling decals, (or a Centennial video) and purchase a gift certificate for that amount for Doug Newman at .

Booksamillion.com will send me a notification that you've purchased me a gift certificate, and all you need to do then is send me an e-mail with the details of your order, (T-shirt sizes, etc.) and where you'd like for it to be shipped.  I'll get your order in the mail for you by the next business day at the latest.  Please note that this payment option offer is only good in Store1, Store4, Store5, and Store6.  

For example, if you want to order one size L or XL Black T-shirt with a pocket, the cost is $12.00 + $2.00 shipping and handling. So a gift certificate purchase of $14.00 from Booksamillion.com will cover it.

Also, rest assured that OldsGmail.com does *not* sell your e-mail address to advertisers.  Your address will only be used to communicate with you about your order from the OldsGmail.com store.      

For additional information, please Email me at
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