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Reproduction Lightning Rod Shifter Brackets

Matt Gonstead has reproduction Lightning Rod shifter brackets for mounting the 3 and 4-speed shifters in your car.  One of the brackets bolts under the shifter and the front bracket holds the shifter to the floor.  Matt also has the 4-speed tranny pan bracket for those of you running the 4-speed automatic transmission. 


Brackets are $40.00 each.  Price includes shipping.  If you'd like to purchase sets, Matt can give you a better price on shipping.

Reproduction Lightning Rod Parts


Matt also has NOS shifter cables available, as well as Reproduction parts available for rebuilding your Lightning Rod Shifters. These include Hardened Shifter Pins, Pin Springs, Pin Retainers, Shaft Wires and Stainless Steel Shifter Buttons. He can also perform rebuilds and repairs to your Lightning Rod Shifters. Contact Matt for pricing and ordering info.

Write to Matt at mgonstead@hotmail.com, or call him at (715) 836-0132 for ordering information.

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